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We are night-time hunters, predator stalkers, and flat-range LARPers. Gloom Group is a love letter to night vision, and to ridding the earth of varmint under the cover of darkness. We've spent many long nights on night hunts or shoots across the country, and in that time we've run across more misinformation and more gimmicky products than we can keep track of. 

Our mission is simple. We want to play a small positive part in the greater night vision community by offering reliable information on night vision and night vision products. We don't sell night vision, and we don't use affiliate links. We keep our reviews as objective as we can using our own experience and keeping ourselves free from outside influence. 

We don't have a Patreon, and we don't take payment for anything we review. If our content helped you and you want to support us, share the information with others. Help educate others, and bring others into the night vision community. If you REALLY want to support us... buy a fuckin' shirt or something.

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