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About Goonin Gear

From Goonin Gear's "About Us" section:

"Founded in 2019, Goonin Gear is a Night Vision devices manufacturer, retailer, and distributor. While our passion and focus is in the civilian market, we also cater to professional end users and agencies. Having observed deficiencies within the industry, we sought to correct these. Establishing a new standard of quality and service, driven by a desire to help.
We made it our goal to not only provide the best product possible but also to properly educate the end user along the way. Providing them with valuable knowledge and the tools necessary to make an informed and educated decision. We take pride in our unmatched level of customer service and quality; refusing to compromise in either. We sincerely enjoy educating and building relationships with our customers, letting them know we are here for support, both before and after a purchase.
Whether it’s your first device or third, we encourage all customers, users, and enthusiasts to reach out whenever they need and about whatever they need. The apprehension of knowledge can be an uphill battle in an ever evolving industry and technology field. We are here to help."

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One of the most difficult parts of the night vision purchasing process is finding the right vendor for you. Gloom Group aims to become the central source for community sourced reviews for Night Vision Vendors. If you have experience with this vendor, we would love for you to leave your honest review! Some guidelines to keep reviews objective, useful, and fair:

  • Include all the pertinent information you would like to see when shopping: Communications with Vendor, device ordered, shipping speed, build quality, how the device met your expectations, any issues and how the vendor handled them, and your overall satisfaction with your experience through them. 
  • MUST be a Customer: Please do not leave reviews if you have not actually conducted business with the company. Ex. "Talked to them on the phone, they seemed nice".
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